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What is JPEG Coffee?

What is JPEG Coffee?

Nov 29, 2022


Bick Perez

JPEG Coffee is a Private Coffee Startup based out of  Kentucky, that has integrate NFTs to create an Ecosystem that benefits holders by giving Exclusive access to Coffee and Special Blends! More Recently we have Started Inscribing some of our Bear on Ordinals they will now live forever on the blockchain! 

So what about the coffee let's talk about those delicious beans that get us going!  Our Niche is Specialty Coffee, we take are time to do small batches to create one of a kind Roast and a Unique taste characteristics we offer high quality coffee compared to mass produced commercial coffee. We are excited for what we are going to accomplish in the web3 space and our local area! Some of the perks we offer with our NFTs  will include Exclusive coffee for Holders such as Kona coffee from Hawaii, and Kopi Luwak!   

NFTs and Perks 
Each NFTs you hold will give you access to Exclusive Products along with Discounts on our Coffee and every month you will have a chance to Claim a free bag of coffee While supply last! 


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